51,000 - 73,000 lbs.


107" BBC Set-Back Front Axle
107" BBC Set-Forward Front Axle
113" BBC Set-Back Front Axle
113" BBC Set-Forward Front Axle
Axle Configurations
8x6 Tridem
Cab Interior Trim Levels
Classic Trim
Diamond Trim
Cab/Sleeper Configurations
Day Cab
Extended Cab
Crew Cab (no sleepers)
Wheelbase Range
136 - 340"


Frame Rails
Heat Treated Alloy Steel 120,000 PSI
11.25" x .5" thick Super Single Rail
Front Axles
Dana Spicer: Non-Driving: 10,000 - 22,000 lbs.
Fabco: Driving: 10,000 - 22,000 lbs.
Meritor: Non Driving: 10,000 - 22,000 lbs.; Driving: 10,000 - 18,000 lbs.
Front Suspensions
Spring Multileaf: 14,000 - 20,000 lbs.
Parabolic Taperleaf: 8,000- 23,000 lbs.
Rear Axles

Single Rear Axle (4x2) Meritor:
Single Reduction: 17,000 - 30,000 lbs.
Double Reduction: 26,000 - 38,000 lbs*
Two-Speed: 21,000 - 23,000 lbs.

Single Reduction: 17,500 - 31,000 lbs.
Two-Speed: 19,000 - 23,000 lbs.*

Tandem Rear Axle (6x4)
Single Reduction: 34,000 - 52,000 lbs.
Single Reduction: 46,000 lbs.

Rear Suspensions
Chalmers: 23,000 - 52,000 lbs.
RT: 34,000 - 52,000 lbs.
HAS: 23,000* - 46,000 lbs.
HMX: 40,000 - 46,000 lbs.
Primaax: 20,000 - 46,000 lbs., 69,000 lbs. (Tridem)
Link: 46,000 lbs.
International: 20,000 - 40,000* lbs.
International® A26: Up to 475 hp, 1700 lb.-ft. torque
Cummins® L9: Up to 450** hp, 1250 lb.-ft. torque
Cummins® B6.7: Up to 360** hp, 800 lb.-ft. torque

Eaton® Fuller: 6,10, 13 Speed Manual
Eaton UltraShift+®: 10 & 11-Speed Automated Manual
Eaton Fuller Advantage™ Series: 10-speed Automated Manual

Allison: 2000, 3000, 4000 Series (HS*, EVS, RDS) Automatic

Exhaust Systems
Single canister after-treatment device
Frame Mounted Right Side, Back, or Under Cab
Short Horizontal Tailpipe
Single Vertical Tailpipe, Right Side Back of Cab

Other Components

Leece-Neville: 12 Volt, 160 - 325 Amp
Delco Remy: 12 Volt, 165 - 240 Amp
Battery Systems
International®: 12 volt 1950- 3700 CCA
JCl: 12 Volt 2250- 3000 CA
Deka: 12 Volt 2800
Fleetrite®: 12 Volt 2800- 5600 CCA
Enersys Odyssey: 12 Volt 3450- 4600 CCA
Fuel Tanks
40 - 120 Gallons, Single or Dual, Non-Polished or Polished Aluminum, Mounted Right or Left Side Under Cab
Air Drum Brakes with ABS, Optional Traction Control, Optional Electronic Stability Program with Traction
Air Disc Brakes
Power Steering
Single Gear Power
Dual Gear Power on Front Axle 16,000 lbs. And Above
Continental, Michelin, Bridgestone, Goodyear

The HV Series Works Smarter

Increased Uptime
Over 100 years' experience building vocational trucks has resulted in a truck designed to be on the road and at the worksite, not in the service bay.

Driver First
Putting the driver at the forefront means we designed the HV Series around the people who use it, for maximum safety and comfort.

Our advanced Diamond Logic Electrical System streamlines truck chassis and body equipment integration and performance.

The HV Series: Ready to Work Smarter on Any Job

A structure is only as strong as its foundation. You know that. We know that too. Which is why the HV Series sits on the strongest strength-to-weight frame rail options in the industry

More to see means more control

A Clearer View
Work doesn't wait for a nice day. Our best-in-class HVAC system includes max defrost, which completely clears the windshield faster than the competition

A Visible Difference
The HV Series was designed with safety and visibility in mind. By reshaping our doors, repositioning cab mirrors and offering a low rake windshield, we've improved the driver's field of view and reduced head turn angle, thus reducing vision-related accidents.

Built Smart to Get More Done

DriverFirst is our design philosophy. It means we build our trucks around the driver. We've poured over every detail of the HV Series to make sure it's DriverFirst in every way.

Diamond Logic Electrical System

The International Truck Diamond Logic electrical system is considered the most advanced in the industry - and for good reason. Diamond Logic streamlines chassis and body equipment integration and allows customers to program automated tasks. This means more consistent performance and increased equipment protection and crew safety.