Guaranteed Hours of Service Labor for Specific Repairs

There are two things you worry about when your trucks are in the shop: How long are they going to be out of commission and how much it’s going to cost. Worry a little less with OnCommand™ Service Partner. It’s our Peterson-provided maintenance repair program. When your truck goes in for service, we guarantee it receives expedited diagnostic service and accurate repair estimates.

Benefits & Features:

  • A basic initial diagnostic advisory performed in hours versus days.
  • Consistent, accurate and detailed estimates as well as inspections and authorizations.
  • Guaranteed fixed, fair and consistent labor times on the most common repairs/maintenance operations.
  • Twelve-month warranty on all parts and labor.
  • Online portal for instant access to estimates, repair status updates, communication tools and labor-time directories.

Service Partner is a great program, reserved exclusively for FleetCharge and I360 customers.

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