Heavy Gear Enterprises Testimonial

Review about the International HX.

National Towing & Transport Testimonial

Gabriella Marquez, Owner

"My relationship with Peterson is great, from the service department to the parts department to the sales department."

Elwell Trucking Testimonial

Raul Pena, Co-Owner

"Nine times out of ten, they will go 200,000 to 250,000 before we have to do anything major to them."

Service West Testimonial

Shelley Hertz, Director of Logistics

"Peterson Technicians are fabulous. They are super knowledgeable. When decision need to be made I have confidence that they will help guide us toward the right decisions. They are the best at what they do!"

Osborne Lumber Testimonial

Sean Fogarty, Owner

"To have someone who is actually a business partner, who can come out to your facility and help you out with anything you need, we appreciate that and that's where we find the value of Peterson Trucks!"

San Francisco Specialty Testimonial

John Rivera, Transportation Manager

"They handle all the leasing, all the servicing. All we have to do is own the truck."

Goodwill Redwood Empire Testimonial

Goodwill Redwood Empire's story

Goodwill Redwood Empire relies on quality commercial vehicles from Peterson Trucks to deliver products to market. Watch this quick testimonial to hear their story, and to learn more about what we can do for your business.